The IRB application process is now online, which can be accessed at

When submitting a new application for administration in the Behavioral Lab, please use the following information for your study to facilitate the processing of your application. If you will be recruiting from other subject pools in addition to the lab (e.g. MTurk), make sure to include information about this recruitment as well.

  1. Administrative Information
    • Location: Spears School Behavioral Lab
  2. Determination of Research
    • Fill in as appropriate for your research
  3. Determination of Human Subjects
    • Does the study involve intervention or interaction with a “human subject?”: YES
    • Does the study involve access to identifiable private information?: NO
    • Are the data coded such that a link exists that could allow the data to be reidentified?: YES
    • Is there a written agreement that prohibits the PI and his/her staff access to the link?: YES
  4. Purpose and Benefits
    • Fill in as appropriate for your research
  5. Participants
    • Participant Population Table
      • Participant Population: Undergraduate students
      • Age Range: 18-25
      • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: Enrolled in MKTG courses
    • Target Population: Healthy adults
  6. Recruitment
    • SONA System: Checked
    • Recruiting strategies: SONA System participants will be recruited from undergraduate marketing courses, and will be offered course credit by their instructors for participating in studies. Flyers will be distributed to instructors prior to each session with information about how to sign up for sessions.
    1. SONA System Recruitment
      • Marketing and/or Management: Checked
      • Prescreener: NO
      • Combined consent summary (example): The purpose of this study is to investigate how the population in a surrounding area affects preferences for unique and common stores. You will be asked a series of questions asking you to choose among stores and share your opinions.
      • Combined debriefing summary (example): The purpose of this study was to investigate how feelings of being in close proximity to others affects individuals decision making. We expected that thinking about big groups of people would lead individuals to prefer more unique options.
  7. Compensation/Remuneration
    • Will participants be compensated?: YES
    • Please select the type of compensation:SONA Credit
  8. Study Overview & Location
    • Data Source(s): Active Data Collection – Social, Behavioral, or Educational
    • Please select the type of research study procedures for your study:Intervention, Interaction
    • Does the research pose more than minimal risk to the subjects?NO
    • Does the study involve any of the following?No, none of the situations listed above apply.
  9. Study Methods & Procedures
    • Check those that apply to your research – should generally include Internet/Online Methodologies and Surveys/Questionnaires (Internet)
    • Study Tasks Table
      Activity Name:Activity Description:Participant Time Commitment:Risks & Safeguards:

      Recruitment E-mail will be sent to instructors to be distributed to participants. None Lab Manager – IRB Basic None
      Obtaining Consent Participants will be given a consent form and any questions answered at the beginning of the lab session. 5 minutes RAs – IRB Basic Participant will be asked basic comprehension questions about the study to ensure they understand the procedures and risks involved.
      Data Collection Participants will complete this study as part of a larger block of studies. 50 minutes RAs – IRB Basic All questions are set to optional. Participants may withdrawal from participation at any time without penalty.
      Debriefing Participants will be provided additional information and resources about the study procedures. 5 minutes RAs – IRB Basic Participants are given follow-up information and contact information for PIs if they wish to contact them.
    • Are the research procedures the least risky that can be performed consistent with sound research design? YES
      1. Internet Research
        • Please indicate the survey provider you will use: QUALTRICS
        • Have you included an option on each question for either “No Response,” “Prefer Not to Respond” or have you set answering each question as optional in the survey? YES
        • Have you included a participant information form as the first page of your survey? NO
        • Please indicate the Qualtrics Distribution Methods you will be utilizing: Anonymous Link
        • Please indicate the Qualtrics settings and options you will be utilizing: Embedded Data
        • Is it your intent for this survey to be anonymous? NO
  10. Risks
    • From the list below, please select ALL of the potential risks that are involved in your study.
      • Complete as appropriate for your study.
      • If your study involves deception, note that you will provide complete disclose of the purpose of the study in the debrief.
  11. Privacy & Confidentiality
    • Data are collected: CODED
    • Data Storage Table:
      Data Type:Where Stored:How Secured:How Long will be Kept:Identifiable:

      Electronic Surveys Qualtrics Web Server and Computer in locked office Password Protection for both Qualtrics account and computer Once survey collection is complete, Qualtric dataset will be downloaded and deleted from server. Deidentified copy of raw data to be kept on password protected computer indefinitely. No
    • Who will have access to the data? Only the PI and IRB trained research assistants will have access to data.
      1. Identifiable Data
        • Identifiable Data Storage: IP Address, Any other unique identifying number, characteristic or code
          • Describe why each identifier is required.
          • Participants will enter a self-generated identification code that will be used to connect responses across the studies that are conducted within a single data collection session. IP addresses are collected to serve as a backup for this identification method.
          • Describe the precautions you have taken to prevent indirectly identifying a subject?
          • The identification codes are self-generated based on a combination of personal information (birthdate and CWID), collected across approximately 300 people in each round. IP addresses are tied to workstations in the behavioral lab to which participants are randomly assigned.
        • Will your data be coded? YES
        • When is the latest estimated date that identifying information or links/master code list will be retained? End of Semester
        • Is it your intent for this survey to be anonymous? NO
  12. Adult Consent Process
    • Would you consider any of your participants to have a diminished capacity to consent? NO
    • Will your adult participants be signing a consent form? YES
      • Describe, step-by-step, all procedures and methods that will be used to consent participants.
      • Participants will read and sign a combined consent form at the beginning of the session.
    • Who will be responsible for seeking the consent of the participants? Unnamed personnel
    • When will consent of the participants be sought? At the beginning of the research session.