Here we have listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in the context, and pertaining to the particular topic:

(1) What is “SONA,” and why should I use it?
SONA is short for the name of a company called “SONA Systems,” which provides web-based software that helps universities manage research study participation. The department of Management ( and Marketing ( use the SONA System to track participation in research. Using this system is also the best way that we can coordinate meetings between students and researchers for studies.


How do I get a user account?
For management students, we will add students and their assigned courses into the system by 2/1. You will be receiving email with your log-in information as soon as we add you in the system. For marketing students, you should create by your own account.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
If you have forgotten or do not have your password, you should send an email to management SONA manager at; marketing SONA manager at


How do I sign-up for a study?
Click on the study name; view the details of the study (including any restrictions). Then click
“View Time Slots for this Study” to view the list of available timeslots. Choose a timeslot that is convenient for you, and click “Sign Up.” You will see the time and location of the study on the screen, and you will also receive an email confirmation.

Where can I find any SONA study available?
The SONA system will send you notification emails whenever any study becomes available. In addition, we will periodically update the list of study on this FAQ page.

How do I view available studies?
Click on “Studies” from the top toolbar. You will see a list of current studies. To view more information about a particular study, click on the study name. Note: You will can only sign-up for studies that have “TIMESLOTS AVAILABLE”.

I noticed that with some studies, I can sign up for them again even if I participated before, while others don’t allow for this. Why is this?
Researchers can choose if their studies allow you to participate more than once. Not all studies allow you to participate more than once.

(2) Can I participate in any study I want?

Unfortunately, no. Research often calls for controlled variables, and researchers may restrict participation to people of a certain gender, age, or other characteristic. Other studies may require that you have been invited to the study, or that you’ve completed another particular research study prior. We strive to make enough experiments available for students year-round, but sometimes there are just not enough timeslots when everyone wants to participate.

My research participation is due in a week. Can I just sign up for a study now?
We highly recommend that you look out for studies well in advance of your deadline, if you are required to participate for class credit. As mentioned in the question above, availability will vary, eligibility requirements vary, and timeslots fill up fast. So if you check the week before your participation is due, you may not be able to find a study that works for you. By checking for studies throughout the semester, instead of at the last minute, you will have a better chance of getting the credit you need. Except under extreme circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the research participation requirements.

(3) Rescheduling:

I think I cannot make a SONA appointment. What should I do?
Please send an email to SONA manager. Once SONA manager confirms your cancellation, you will be receiving “excused no-show” grade and be available to reschedule. Please note that “unexcused no-show” may result in.

Can I reschedule?
You can reschedule your appointment online. Your rescheduling request should be made at least two hours prior to your original schedule.

I failed to attend a SONA study on time. What should I do?
If you failed to attend (or finish) a SONA study without notifying SONA manager, you will not be available to reschedule for the study (or the round of in-lab session)

What is a no-show and what happens if I have too many no-shows?
A no-show is a missed appointment where you did not cancel a scheduled appointment to participate in research. It is your responsibility to cancel an appointment if you cannot make the scheduled time. You have 24 hours prior to participation to cancel the appointment on SONA. If you need to cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, you must contact the researcher (their contact information is located on SONA) to let them that you cannot show up for the scheduled time so that they can cancel your appointment. If you have too many missed appointments, you run the risk that your user account will be inactive and you will not be able to sign-up for future studies.

(4) SONA Credit:

I participated in a study, but I have yet to confirm credit from my class D2L. How do I receive credit?
SONA opportunities will be available throughout the semester, and all the credits will be processed and finalized at the end of semester (during the dead week). Once instructors input your SONA credit, you will be able to see your credit on D2L. Please note that you can still check and redistribute your SONA credit through the system.

I participated in a SONA study, but I have yet to receive credit in my SONA account. How do I receive credit?
The researcher must grant you credit. This is usually done shortly after your participation. If it has been some time and you have still not received credit, contact the researcher.

I did a research alternative assignment instead of participating in studies. How do I know I have completed my requirements?
Please email your alternative assignment to SONA manager ( SONA; (marketing SONA))

I belong to multiple courses, and I want to reassign credits what I have earned from one course to another. What should I do?
If you belong to multiple courses, you may reassign a credit from one course to another. To do this, simple use the Reassign link that appears when you view your progress. The link appears under the course entry for each item in your progress listing. You may not split a credit between two courses, for example by assigning 2 credits of a 3-credit study to one course, and 1 credit from that study to another course.

How do I track what I have earned so far?
You may track your progress at any time by choosing the My Schedule/Credits option from the top toolbar.

(5)System related:

Immediately after I login, as soon as I click on any menu option, I am taken back to the login page and I see a message that my authentication has expired. What does this mean?
Your web browser is not properly configured to accept cookies. You should turn on cookies in your web browser, use a different web browser (for example, try Firefox if you are currently using Internet Explorer), or try a different computer. Detailed instructions can be found if you go to the site and enter the url “cookie_help.asp” in place of “default.asp” in the address bar of the browser, when you are on the front page of the site. Another easy thing to try is simply to use another computer. Usually the computers in university computer labs are configured correctly.