The Behavioral Lab

  • The behavioral lab is designed to be a tool for faculty and PhD students within the Spears School to conduct survey, quasi-experimental and experimental research.
  • The lab space is located in the basement of the business building, room 085
  • The pages that follow will summarize the procedures and responsibilities for students who wish to participate in research activities in exchange for course credit.
  • Students who participate in research activities will sign up for research studies or alternative assignments via the online participation system, SONA. You’ll choose from among the experiments being conducted by research faculty and doctoral students.
  • Once signed up, you will report to the lab or complete the study/assignment online, your participation will be recorded by the lab staff, and your extra credit will be posted on your SONA account upon completion.
  • Course credit is delivered to your professors by Monday of dead week.

Rules of conduct

Students are expected to be

  •  Punctual – arrive at least 5 minutes early for schedule lab sessions.
  •  Complete – complete studies or assignments to the best of your ability.
  •  Responsible – complete studies with integrity, honesty and sincerity – the research process relies on valid and legitimate participant responses, please complete studies following all instructions and with full honesty.
  • Contact the Lab Staff for questions related to the Behavioral Lab!