When creating studies for the Behavioral Lab, there are two features that need to be present to facilitate tracking and management of participants in the lab: an embedded data field for to record the participant ID that is passed to the study, and the study ending message for participants. In the Debrief survey administered at the end of the session, gender, age, languages spoken in the home, the country in which the high school the participant graduated from, and their English fluency are all measured, so these measures should not be included in your studies.

For studies run through Qualtrics, an embedded data field that records the participant ID can be added by going into the survey flow, clicking “Add a New Element Here,” and clicking on the Embedded Data button. Click on field labeled “Create New Field or Choose From Dropdown…” and enter the text “pID” as shown below. Please note that this is case-sensitive.

At the end of each study, the lab administrators will stop participants until all have completed the task before moving on to the next study. To facilitate this, a message is needed at the end of studies instructing participants to wait quietly until the next study is started. For Qualtrics studies, this requires changing the end-of-survey message. To change this, when editing your study in Qualtrics, click on “Survey Options,” and within the section “Survey Termination,” click on “Custom end of survey message…” In the drop-down menu that appears, browse to “Organization Library → Lab Survey Ending Message.”